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1. Smaller items like books, documents and folders: Use jiffy bags or padded envelopes; Maybe use bubble wrap around individual items Pad corners well to avoid bending in transit.

2. Standard items like business supplies ect; Wrap individual items in tissue or polystyrene; Use a new, double-walled box; Pack tightly to prevent movement within the box.

3. Larger items like computers Surround in bubble wrap to absorb any shocks Place loose polystyrene pieces around the object; Use a new, double-walled box.

4. Longer items such as pipes ect: Use a strong rigid tube Make sure that the contents are tightly packed into tubes Seal each end to make the parcel contents secure.

5. Please note that all this information regarding the packing of your goods is provided by IROC as guidance only. We recommend that you contact a packaging specialist before wrapping unusual or high value goods. Never send anything potentially hazardous to our personal or potentially hazardous to our other customer’s items with us.

6. As with all courier hub & spoke systems, responsibility that your items are adequately packed lies with you the customer. If the driver comes to pick your item up and feels that the item is not packaged adequately he may refuse to take your item unless the issue can be remedied quickly.

7. This is for yours and our protection as processing claims and replacing valuables is a lengthy time consuming process and will not be immediate.

8. If you are sending valuables such as jewellery, antiques or works of art, you should enlist the services of a specialist security company instead; who will provide you with protection you require as IROC can not insure these items. (see terms & conditions)


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